System Polygon Company provides range of outsourcing services and support to countries across the globe. As an Indian outsourcing company we provide cost effective rate without compromising the quality and standard.

Internet Marketing
System Polygon PVT. Ltd offers martial Internet marketing services that pledge some online marketing tools that enable easy access of your website. This task is absolute through the use of search engines, forums, blogs, portals, directories and different e-channels to generate sales leads for our customers.

Software Application Support & Maintenance Services
System Polygon also offers Web Application Support and Maintenance Services. This facility is overall a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes, get technical support, add new products to your license and manage licenses online. Changing the data format, altering the localizations and regulations, changing the hardware configurations, modifying supporting utilities are also included in this service.

As a diversified IT outsourcing company we take special attention for documentation for a successful accomplishment of the outsourcing projects.

Quality Software Management System, Measurement and Estimation
System Polygon offers Project Management services including powerful Project planning, Collaboration and Resource Management functionalities for enterprise and team level project management. It provides a workspace with the most effective tools to manage and monitor instant information about all the projects.

System polygon ensures at existing quality standards of Software & is flexible enough to incorporate new standards that meet client requirements. The QMS at System Polygon ensures:

  • Very minimal defects in the deliverables
  • Minimized cost over-run (in terms of effort)
  • Product quality that surpasses the expectations
  • Improved process compliance
  • Website Maintenance and software maintenance
  • Fraudulent and prevention of IT section in various activities – Domain transfer, hosting, email services and others

Software Testing and Enhancement report
Software testing is one of the most essential phases in the life cycle of a Software development. It is helpful in making the software more reliable & more effective.

Management of E-Commerce and Job portal
E-commerce is the latest obstacles for selling your products / services across the globe. We provide data submission, Images uploading and all portal management services to our offshore clients in all over the world. To achieve this, we excel a team of expert Ecommerce manager skilled with modern tools and techniques.

SEO services
Nowadays web site promotion starts with thorough web site analysis, with developing all the advertising material necessary for your campaign and ends with the strategic submission of your web site to the major search engines and directories. System polygon Pvt. Ltd offered enhance the visibility of your website, get maximum targeted traffic, increase the return on investment with structured Search Engine Optimization keeping campaign. We offered customized service as per our customer’s requirements.

Our SEO packages for clients:

  • Competitor Analysis: Our Company performs thorough research on the website of your top ranking competitors to identify the unrepeatable variables of your company and business, which are factored by the search engines like Google, yahoo while calculating rankings.
  • Keyword Research: Our Company selects best keywords for your company or business through keyword research tools. We are selecting the suitable keywords for your search engine optimization program is one of the most valuable aspects of website promotion.
  • Pre-Optimization Report: Our Company provides you with a preparatory ranking report of your website for the keywords that you desire to be optimized. To similitude the SEO rankings of a particular keyword after completion of the search engine optimization procedure.
  • Blog writing: Our Company provides you with a preparatory ranking report of your website for the keywords that you desire to be optimized. To similitude the SEO rankings of a particular keyword after completion of the search engine optimization procedure.
  • Website optimization: On page promotion is necessary to push page online on search engine and algorithm of page is also more important for maximize online presence. We setup optimization by various tools and provide you clean website with high end optimization according to search engine as well as directory structure for indexing all pages well
  • Content writing:
  • Article writing:

Our company applies the most innovative and advanced SEO strategy for both on page and off page to give you the best results. Company known’s to provide ethical SEO Services. Our company can leverage your business by helping you rank in the top 5 search results in most of the popular search engines viz. Yahoo, Google and msn (aka Bing).

System Polygon Pvt. Ltd. serves the high quality market campaigning services in web promotion by which a business surely gets the increased number of visitors.

The team of experts dealing in market promotions provides website optimization and focus mainly on proper website marketing solutions and internet marketing techniques for client websites. We use best web promotion methods to put a website on top of search engine rankings to get increased & maximum target traffic. Link building, keyword-rich content, internal linking, web analytics, building XML and HTML site maps, etc. are the mediums which are necessarily adopted by the company to make a website more search engine friendly.

Data Entry Services

Industrial support

  • Product catalog
  • Company logo creation
  • Brand promotion online
  • Social media inputs
  • E-publishing
  • Newsletters mails
  • Graphics Designing
  • Company profile making
  • Company presentation making

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

B2B support services

B2C support services

Online marketing and promotion (SEO)

Branding and promotion


Social media marketing

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